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About us

Aronia Life Ltd is a company whose primary purpose is the production of fruits chokeberry (aronia) and processing and sales of the same in environment-friendly conditions, ecologically certified. Company has established the base in the family farm by the co-founder (Darko Milinkovic), and consisting of 1 ha land on location of Šarengrad, Ilok, Croatia planted with 2000 two years old chokeberry plants (Nero type) in April 2014. In 2016 crops increased by 1.5 ha of land planted with seedlings of three-year 3300 chokeberry plants (Nero type).

The Company Aronia Life Ltd was founded in Šarengrad, Ilok, Croatia as a joint business of two co-founders. As a result of the desire to start their own business venture, as well as the compatibility of their knowledge, skills and business experience, they founded a joint company.

Organic farming, top quality with a target processing and sales is our mission.

Our vision is to offer unique products with distinctive high quality and reasonable prices.

Eco grow

Having in mind that the aim of the business venture is to grow ecological/organic crops of aronia, as well as ecological/organic products (juice, powder, tea) and products from eco-farming (wine, liqueur, brandy, jams), secondary pollution does not endanger the natural environment because the complete infrastructure of breeding and processing is in accordance with ecological standards.

We have chosen type of plant "black" aronia (Aronia melanocarpa - Nero) because of its resistance to the pests and diseases that are ideal for ecological breeding. Her berries are the best source of antioxidants in the world and can be considered a medical herb. Ecological processing of aronia fruit and the production of very delicious fruit preparations without chemical contamination preserves unquestioned chemical properties.

Organic fertilizers and composts are used in organic production and only those mineral fertilizers that are approved for organic cultivation and are listed on the list of products for use in organic farming.


Aronia juice:

100% fruit juice from ECO certified chokeberry/aronia without added sugar, colours, preservatives and flavourings, produced by cold pressing and pasteurized.

Aronia tea:

Healthful and refreshing natural tea from ECO certified chokeberry/aronia made from fresh bark of extruded fruit, dried at 40°C.

Aronia powder:

Certified organic powder (ECO) obtained by grinding chokeberry previously squeezed berries.

Aronia wine:

Natural fermentation processed fruit of organically grown chokeberry/aronia (ECO).

Silver medal winner at 49th & 51st Croatian continental wine exhibition in Saint Ivan Zelina.

Aronia Rakia:

Distilled from fully mature aronia berries, powerful and highly aromatic, with a distinctive characteristic bouquet and a fantastic flavour.
e 45 % vol.





Aronia Life j.d.o.o.

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